It all came together like it was kismet.  Savannah had been spending time every month in Ojai, renting rooms in hotels or little bungalows in downtown; the quiet was a respite from a life in Los Angeles.  Dominoe had been embracing the bohemian; moving quite a bit from place to place and traveling to far reaches.   An impromptu family trip brought them both to the Valley of the Moon and there, under oak trees and bright sunlight, they decided to take money inherited from the sale of their childhood home and buy into the magic of Ojai, CA.

And so the journey began; to turn a yellow and orange house with a ton of potential into a little gem.  With white walls to create brightness, antique furniture inherited and found and with an attention to the details, this little Oh, Hi House was created.  Savannah designed and executed the remodel and Dominoe infused it all with her love of color and sense of whimsy.  

We made the decision to share the space with guests when we aren't there enjoying it ourselves. We put a lot of love into the design and created a space that is comfortable and considered, that reflects the eclectic vibe of Ojai while still being clean and simple and bright.  Book a stay and see what all the fuss is about!

Savannah + Dominoe


We also make the house available for shoots if it is the right fit.  Use the CONTACT page to drop us a line.




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